Esther Pollard’s Stirring Final Words on Her Deathbed


Watch: Sitting Shiva at his home in Jerusalem, former Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard shares the final words that his wife Esther Pollard (nee Zeitz) told him before her passing last week at the age of 68. She said she had 2 missions in her life and she was able to accomplish both. Full Story, Video

Israel National News

In a video from the day of Esther Pollard’s funeral, former Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard shared his wife’s dying words.

Speaking shortly after his wife’s funeral, Pollard revealed his final conversation with his wife, moments before she passed away this Monday.

“She was dying. All of a sudden her eyes woke up…I was holding her hand. I don’t know where she was. But she was just looking up. And she said, in a very small voice: ‘My neshama [soul] volunteered to come back for two missions: one of the missions was to get you home. The other mission was to…

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