Eric Swalwell was chastised for sharing a four-year-old’s reaction to the Buffalo Bills.


Representative Eric Swalwell has been chastised for tweeting about his 4-year-old son’s apparent reaction to the deadly supermarket shooting in Buffalo, New York.

Swalwell, a Democrat from California’s 15th congressional district, took to Twitter on Monday to say that his son had asked him about the ten-person shooting.

“My 4-year-old just FaceTimed me to ask what I’m doing to ‘help the people in Buffalo’ and ‘why did the bad guy do this?’” the Democrat tweeted.

“This can’t possibly be his normal.” ASSAULT WEAPONS MUST BE BANNED. He added, “#EndGunViolence.”

Other social media users chastised Swalwell for the tweet, while others mocked it.

“My 4-year-old just FaceTimed to ask ‘why did US politicians vote to give Ukraine 40 billion dollars while we face record inflation and baby formula shortages?” said the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire. This…

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