Epstein, Maxwell’s little black book scares off collectors


This little black book is too hot to handle.

Auction houses, collectors and true-crime experts see a limited market for Jeffrey Epstein’s “creepy” phone book listing names and numbers of the rich and famous. The scandalous book was used as evidence to help convict the late pedophile’s madam Ghislaine Maxwell this week for trafficking underaged girls for sex.

“It is unfathomable that Heritage Auctions or any other reputable auction house would ever offer such a despicable relic,” said Robert Wilonsky, spokesman for Dallas-based Heritage, which also has a location in Midtown.

“I wouldn’t buy it. Way too creepy for me,” celebrity Las Vegas pawnbroker Rick Harrison of History Channel’s “Pawn Stars” told The Post.

“But I’m sure Bill Clinton would pay millions for it,” he laughed. The former president was a known guest

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