Ending 2021 as Russia readies its people for nuclear war with a weak US


December 31, 221 -While the U.S. media has (for the most part) largely ignored the news coming out of the Russia-Ukrainian border area, things appear to be much different in the Russian Federation. The American media is so sycophantic that it ignores anything that implies that Joe Biden is less than competent. Nonetheless, his incompetence is putting the world in danger of a nuclear war between the United States and the Russian Federation.

According to the Daily Beast, Russian state media appears to be preparing Russian citizens for nuclear war over Ukraine. A few weeks ago Russian president, Vladimir Putin, had a virtual meeting with our “leader” Joe Biden, who warned of “consequences” if Russia invaded Ukraine.

The immediate reaction, after Biden’s hollow threats of “Corn Pop,” was that Putin added an additional 10,000 troops to the border with…

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