Emails, Texts Bolster Wild Cyberstalking Case Against Ex-FBI Employee


Federal prosecutors say Gregory Roman could not take no for an answer.

In October 2021, four years after he left his position at the FBI’s field office in Kansas City as an intelligence analyst, Roman allegedly called a private investigator for information about a “decade’s old matter and a former FBI official’s involvement in that matter.” When the investigator, identified in court documents as “Victim 1,” stated he was unable to help Roman, the 56-year-old allegedly responded with an incessant phone and online harassment campaign that included death threats, insults, and bizarre sexual innuendos.

“Go fuck yourself you chicken shit cock sucker,” Roman told “Victim 1” during an October 2021 email exchange, according to an affidavit filed in the Western District of Missouri and obtained by The Daily Beast. “I will find you and I will fucking kill you.”


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