Elise Stefanik Gets Trumpier Still With New Immigration Attack


In 2018, the New York
congresswoman trumpeted supporting an
immigration compromise bill that, in her office’s words, “would protect the [Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals] eligible population, prevent family separation at our border, and provide
funding for border security.” Family separation, in particular, is something that
Trump’s most anti-immigration backers (like Stephen Miller) embraced.

But Stefanik also voted for another bill that
would have offered a “path to legal status for undocumented farmworkers,” just
as long as they were “certified agricultural workers”—not exactly a pathway to
citizenship for all the immigrants living in the United States while
undocumented but not quite the total ban on all immigration that hard-line
conservatives are increasingly pushing. Years before that, in 2016, when top
Republicans were still trying to show interest in…

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