Editorial: Too many police departments aren’t providing needed data. Congress should require it. | Editorial


If at least 60% of officers nationally aren’t covered by the submitted data by the end of this year, the program will fail to meet the standards set by the Office of Management and Budget, which means the program would have to shut down. A recent report by the Government Accountability Office says the program is so far failing to meet that standard.

In Missouri, St. Louis city and county law enforcement both have complied with the data request, but most other departments in the state haven’t. As the Post-Dispatch’s Josh Renaud reported recently, only 28 out of Missouri’s 632 police agencies had participated as of the end of September, representing just 36% of the sworn officers in the state. Participation rates in Illinois are even worse: 148 out of 983 agencies are participating, encompassing just 21% of the state’s officers.

The Washington Post recently reported that part…

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