EDITORIAL: Electoral and partisan schemes must end end – The Tribune


One of the hallmarks of American democracy is that voters go to the polls and choose the officials who will represent them.

It seems like a pretty easy philosophy to follow when carrying out elections, but, in Ohio, it seems there are some who think it should be the other way around and that politicians should instead get to pick their voters.

Through the process of gerrymandering, those who make congressional and legislative maps can manipulate boundaries and rig the game to ensure a party has an unfair advantage.

For instance, Party A can divide up and dilute areas that vote strongly for Party B into many districts, so that Party B’s constituents have little impact. Or, if they prefer, Party A can concentrate Party B’s voters into as few districts as possible, leaving the lion’s share of districts to those who favor Party A.

This isn’t a new phenomenon. In…

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