Drag Queen Who Says Biden Is a ‘Senile’ ‘White Supremacist’ Scheduled to Perform At Dem Retreat


The drag queen invited to perform for congressional Democrats during their policy retreat referred to President Joe Biden as “senile” and a “white supremacist” and called his voters “dim-witted.”

Lady Bunny, an “iconic drag queen” scheduled to perform on Wednesday during the Democratic retreat in Philadelphia, has spent much of the last year criticizing virtually every aspect of Biden’s agenda and some congressional Democrats as well. On Feb. 19, for example, Lady Bunny said Biden’s “word, especially on foreign policy, is worth nothing.”

On April 26, 2021, Bunny called Biden a “senile conservative” who has been “accused by 8 women” of sexual misconduct. Only someone in a “cult” would bother supporting him, Bunny wrote.

“Maybe the dim-witted (or well-off) boomers who voted for Biden will see who he is after he privatizes Medicare AND cuts their Social Security?” Bunny tweeted on…

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