Doug Mastriano critics become Mastriano boosters while avoiding the name Mastriano


The pair of television commercials sound alarms about inflation, with one pinning the blame on state Attorney General Josh Shapiro, the Democratic nominee for governor in Pennsylvania.

The other ad features State Rep. Carrie Lewis DelRosso, who says she’s “running for lieutenant governor on the Republican ticket.”

Both ads urge viewers to “vote the Republican ticket.”

Can you spot what’s missing? Or, rather, who?

State Sen. Doug Mastriano, the Republican nominee for governor, is the name that shall not be spoken in the ads, paid for by Commonwealth Leaders Fund, a political action committee run by a conservative firm in Harrisburg.

Clout can guess why. And we have to since Matt Brouillette, who runs the firm Commonwealth Partners, did not directly answer when asked why the ads make no mention of Mastriano.

Commonwealth spent $13 million in the Republican primary, trying to…

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