Doubts About Biden As The President Turns 79 – Opinion: Potomac Watch


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Announcer: From the opinion pages of the Wall Street Journal, this is Potomac Watch.

Kyle Peterson: Joe Biden turned 79 on Saturday as a majority of voters say he’s too old to be president, and Democrats start to worry about 2024. Welcome, I’m Kyle Peterson with the Wall Street Journal. We’re joined today by my colleagues, WJ columnist, Bill McGurn and Kim Strassel.
Bill, there was a remarkable series of news cycles last week about Vice President Kamala Harris. It started with a CNN report that aired griping from her circle that the Vice President is not being set up to succeed. Then her Communications Director said she would resign. And to my eye, what this is about is mainly 2024. And there are growing concerns that maybe Biden does not plan to run for reelection,…

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