Don’t Look Up A Satirical Bite At Life As It Is – Times Square Chronicles


Netflix’s “Don’t Look Up” is dark comedic take on our world today. Director and screenwriter Adam McKay’s film gives a dire warning that if we don’t act quickly, if we continue to ignore the comet heading our way, that is our fate/ the end of the world as we know it will be gone.

This star studded cast features Leonardo DiCaprio as astronomy professor Randall Mindy and Jennifer Lawrence as PhD student Kate Dibiasky who discover that a giant comet is headed towards earth. When they try to share their findings, havoc issues.

Meryl Streep plays a Hillary Clinton type president who is more concerned with her campaign numbers and financing. Jonah Hill plays her son like a Hunter Biden type, completely moronic. The winning Cate Blanchet is the ego based Katie Couric/Nancy O’Dell type and the brilliant Mark Rylance is Peter Isherwell, a tech billionaire and the…

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