Don’t be a Jared Schmeck – Pasadena Star News


If you culturally identify on the politically right side of things, there are only a few topics you can draw upon to demonstrate the worthiness of your beliefs. Or so it seems. There are those controversial COVID-19 vaccines, designed to deny you the liberty of experiencing Freedom Flu. And face masks, of course. A state-imposed torture regimen of near-medieval barbarity.

There is “wokeness,” often lumped in with “Critical Race Theory,” which some claim is a conspiracy to embarrass conservatives by imposing unwanted accuracy on historical writing. Apparently there are things from back in the day that some folks dare not acknowledge. It risks making sensitive people feel bad about themselves.

There is Hunter Biden, who is interchangeable with Gavin Newsom for any conservative columnist wanting to branch out and write about two topics. Hunter, as you know, is the son of our…

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