Donald Trump’s flailing Truth Social appears to have reached code red status / Queerty


In the least surprising news of the century, less than one month after its launch, Donald Trump‘s latest business venture, Truth Social, appears to be in a complete freefall.

Following a barrage of bad press earlier this week, ex-congressman Devin Nunes, who resigned from office to become CEO of the app’s creator Trump Media and Technology Group, says his team is working “literally around the clock” to try and save the flailing social media brand.

Since its launch, Truth Social has been plagued by a number of technical issues and behind-the-scenes chaos.

Per the Daily Beast:

In recent weeks, sources have heard the former president on the phone swearing gratuitously and asking things like, “What the f*ck is going on” with Truth Social.

He’s repeatedly groused about the negative press and the less-than-stellar optics of the rollout, these sources said. And he’s…

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