Donald Trump will not be the main issue in 2024 races, says former GOP strategist


It appears to be all but confirmed that former President Donald Trump will be attempting to make another bid for the presidency in 2024. However, according to a former Republican strategist, Trump will not be the main issue in the upcoming races as there is no new “lie” for him to peddle.

Speaking on MSNBC Tuesday, former Republican strategist and co-founder of The Lincoln Project Steve Schmidt explained that the twice-impeached former president will not become the main issue in the 2024 presidential races. Schmidt explained that the reason why the former president will not be the main issue is due to the fact that Trump has no other false claim to push by that time.

“There’s no new lie,” said Schmidt. “There’s no new piece of demagoguery. There’s no new racial incitement, racial animus, act of cruelty, degradation, sick attack, that’s going…

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