Donald Trump spokesman says he cooperated with Jan 6. committee


The investigation into the January 6 riots at the Capitol appears to zero in on more members of former President Donald Trump’s inner circle. This week, a recent lawsuit revealed that Trump’s spokesman has cooperated with the panel probing the riots.

One of Trump’s current spokesmen, Taylor Budowich, has revealed in a court filing that he has cooperated with the House committee probing the Capitol insurrection. Budowich said that he has turned over 1,700 pages of relevant documents to the committee and has appeared to testify for four hours before the committee. Budowich is filing a lawsuit to block the committee from accessing his financial records from JP Morgan Chase & Co.

During the recent deposition, Budowich was grilled on the financing and planning of the speech by Trump to his crowd of supporters near the White House on January 6. The insurrection…

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