Donald Trump Resumes Spending Money on Republicans Who Aren’t Him


After a long hiatus, Donald Trump is once again contributing cash to Republicans not named Donald Trump.

The Republican National Committee filed a financial report last weekend revealing a $1 million October contribution from Trump Make America Great Again, the joint fundraising juggernaut split between the RNC and two PACs belonging to the former president. It was TMAGA’s first significant contribution to the Republican Party since Trump left office—the last was for funds raised ahead of the Jan. 5 special elections in Georgia.

In a statement to The Daily Beast, RNC spokesperson Emma Vaughn said the transfer from the joint fundraising committee (JFC) was “standard practice.”

“This is standard operating procedure when dealing with a joint fundraising agreement that is no longer in use. Based on a prior agreement, the RNC is transferring its funds from the JFC to the RNC based…

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