Donald Trump gave away billions to corporations and the rich | LETTER


Bruce Feher seems to think that many of President Joe Biden’s supporters don’t pay taxes (April 4 letter to the editor). But he doesn’t touch on the facts.

There are many people, due to their income level and standard deductions, who essentially don’t pay taxes. That includes both Republicans and Democrats. The standard deductions and tax rates currently in place were instituted by the Trump administration. This was just a small part of the larger plan that gave away billions in tax cuts to corporations and the rich.

That being said, the current plan by the Biden administration is that those making under $400,000 will not see any tax changes. Corporations and those making more than $400,000 could see a change, as currently proposed. Oddly enough, those are the same people given billions in tax breaks by the Trump administration. So there is no need to “just keep…

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