Donald Trump Campaign Emails Use Misleading Subject Lines, Spam-Like Senders


Promotional emails sent on behalf of former President Donald Trump and his allies have used misleading senders and subject lines to bait their own supporters, amid aggressive GOP campaigns to take back Congress and the presidency.

Since President Joe Biden‘s 2020 win, Trump’s Save America Political Action Committee (PAC) has been prolific in its output of emails containing guilt-tripping calls for donations, key Trumpist talking points (including false election fraud claims), and attacks on his successor.

However, a number of these messages—in addition to the email blasts by Trump allies that Save America subscribers were automatically signed up to—have gone a step further by using seemingly deceptive practices.

Dozens of emails from Trump’s PAC feign direct exchanges with the recipients, using senders such as “Donald J. Trump, me,” “You, Trump,” or “me, Donald Trump, Jr.”


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