Dole Institute political analysts: Biden v. Trump rematch likely in 2024, neither a lock to win


TOPEKA — Former President Donald Trump announced a new White House campaign in November ahead of a 2024 campaign cycle that could be punctuated by a rematch with President Joe Biden.

Trump, who never conceded the 2020 race and suggested the U.S. Constitution ought to be suspended so he could be installed as president, could be weighed down by the the U.S. House’s criminal referral of Trump for his role in the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, ongoing tax scandals and investigation of missing government records. His reelection loss also could erode support among independent voters.

U.S. voters evaluating a reelection campaign by Biden could point to dreary economic indicators, the president’s lackluster approval ratings and the Democrat’s age of 80 — four years senior to Trump. Biden said he intended to run, but would make such an…

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