Disqualified driver caught driving his father’s Mercedes is fined


A 23 year old man who was caught driving his father’s Mercedes while he was disqualified, has been banned from driving for four years and fined €500.

The court heard while the car was insured, Shane Farrell with an address at Castleview, Tallanstown wasn’t personally insured to drive it.

A garda told the court he was in Channonrock at 12.30pm on September 1st last when he observed the defendant driving a silver Mercedes C-Class from the Louth village direction.

He slowed down as he approached the garda patrol car and immediately speeded up and left the area, with the garda adding “I had no sight of where he travelled to”.
The court heard he had five previous convictions and was previously banned from driving for two years for driving without insurance.

The Defence barrister said the car being…

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