Digital World Acquisition edges higher as markets rally on sinking oil prices

  • NASDAQ:DWAC gained 0.81% during Wednesday’s trading session.
  • Trump and his inner circle are noticeably absent from Truth Social.
  • Devin Nunes says the Truth Social team is working around the clock.

NASDAQ:DWAC managed to eke out a small gain on Wednesday, although the SPAC stock still underperformed the broader markets. Shares of DWAC inched higher by 0.81% and closed the trading session at $75.74. It was a stark contrast to the first two days of the week as all three major indices soared out of the open. The Dow Jones erased most of its losses from Tuesday, gaining 653 basis points, while the S&P 500 jumped by 2.57% for its single best session since June of 2020. The NASDAQ also climbed by 3.59% as big tech stocks surged higher to anchor the markets.

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Throughout the botched launch of the Truth Social app, the…

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