Did Eric Swalwell pull a Smollett with Canuck yarn?


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Democrats have elevated the hoax to something of an art form; albeit, an imperfect one. In recent years hoaxes have become something of a crutch for the left; a desperate tool Democrats depend upon to keep their false narratives alive.

There was the Jussie Smollett Hoax, which aimed to promote the “MAGA supporters are racist, white supremacists” narrative. Jussie, of course, paid two black Nigerians to rough him up outside his Chicago apartment in his fictional enactment of a MAGA hate crime.

That narrative melted down faster than Alexandria Ocasio Cortez after getting spotted vacationing with her boyfriend on her maskless Miami vacation.

Jussie’s humiliating effort didn’t deter the left from trying again. When one hoax ends, another begins. During the 2020 gubernatorial race in Virginia, the Lincoln…

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