Devin Nunes makes nonsensical Bay Area ‘tunnel’ claims at CPAC


Republican Rep. Devin Nunes made a series of bizarre claims about Bay Area public transit during an appearance at CPAC, an annual conservative gathering hosted this year in Florida.

The comments came while Nunes was telling the crowd that he thinks President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion proposed stimulus package is a “slush fund” for Democrats. The package contains $20 billion in funding for public transit agencies across the nation, which is intended to help agencies like BART avoid layoffs or route cuts.

“We already know that part of this money is going to go to build a tunnel from Silicon Valley to San Francisco,” Nunes said. “These tech oligarchs are the last people that need anybody’s money, and they sure as hell don’t need a tunnel from Silicon Valley to San Francisco.”

Nunes also made fun of Bay Area commuters for worrying about COVID…

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