Devin Nunes Loses Appeal Of SLAPP Suit Against Liz Mair


from the censorial-thug dept

By now you surely know that former Congressman and current satirical cow censor Devin Nunes has become quite well known for his series of SLAPP suits against people who made him feel bad. It started with his lawsuit against the satirical parody cow Twitter account, but that lawsuit also included political consultant Liz Mair, who has long worked for various Republican politicians, but was a semi-frequent critic of Nunes. That first lawsuit was for $250 million, but a month later he sued Mair again (along with the news organization McClatchy), this time for $150 million.

As we noted, there was no way to look at any of this other than a blatant attempt to abuse the court system to silence free speech. Which is partly why it’s so ironic now that Nunes is positioning himself as a “free speech protector” as the head of Donald Trump’s flailing

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