DeSantis must silence Trump if he is to become president


The odds-on favourite to be the next Republican candidate for the White House, and already pulling ahead of Joe Biden in opinion polls for the presidential election in November 2024, all Ron DeSantis has to do now is fire the starting gun on his campaign.

The Florida governor was the biggest right wing winner in the 2022 midterm elections which provided a surprise lift for Biden’s Democrats. Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post tabloid has dubbed him DeFuture, while pouring scorn on former president Donald Trump’s hopes of returning to the Oval Office. Trump has already announced his candidacy, and DeSantis could confirm his own as early as April. It will make for a lively showdown.

Though Trump’s MAGA base remains solid, he is being widely blamed for backing far right candidates in Republican primaries who were then roundly rejected by the wider electorate last November….

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