DeSantis eats further into Trump’s lead in the polls


DeSantis eats further into Trump’s lead in the polls – amid the fallout from his dinner with Kanye and Nick Fuentes and midterms blame game: Former president’s approval rating drops among Republicans in dire sign for 2024 primary matchup

  • Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has further eaten into former President Donald Trump’s longtime lead in 2024 presidential opinion polls 
  • A Yahoo News/YouGov poll conducted from December 1 through 5 shows Trump receiving 35 percent support from Republicans and GOP-leaning independents 
  • DeSantis is just five points behind at 30 percent 
  • When the narrower group of registered voters was asked, DeSantis was just two points behind, with Trump at 35 percent and DeSantis at 33 percent support
  • The poll found that the percentage of Republicans who hold a ‘very favorable’ view of the ex-president dipped 12 points – from 54 percent in June to 42 percent

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