DeSantis calls Democrats in DC ‘hypocrites’ over COVID rules


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis slammed Democrats in Washington, D.C., for pushing “COVID theater” for two years only to become infected with coronavirus in recent weeks, including some members of the Biden administration who attended an elite Washington dinner.

“Some people will say ‘Oh, they’re hypocrites.’ Yeah they are, but that’s not the issue,” DeSantis said at a press conference in South Florida Tuesday when asked about the COVID outbreak in DC.

“The issue is that if they thought their policies really were necessary, and these mitigations really were effective, they would be abiding by it,” DeSantis added. “They are not abiding by it because they know it’s all about politics and control.”

DeSantis has come under sharp criticism from Democrats and liberal media pundits for his unwillingness to impose COVID-19 mask and vaccine mandates and lifting emergency restrictions far sooner…

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