Denial and the 2020 Election – David Stringer, Publisher


If national polls are to be believed,  a substantial majority of Republican voters don’t believe President Biden was legitimately elected and that the presidency was in some way “stolen”  from Donald Trump. As a Trump supporter,  I would like to believe that.  Unfortunately,  I can’t find the evidence.  And I’ve looked.

The Maricopa County audit  overseen by Republican officials ended up giving Biden several hundred more votes than  he got on election day. Reviews in other states overseen  by Republican governors and legislatures  have failed to turn up significant evidence of fraud.  As we enter the 2022 election year, it’s important to understand why Trump lost in 2020. We  can’t afford  to make the same mistakes  again.

In the summer of 2015, I was an Arizona delegate to the National Convention of the American Federation of Republican…

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