Dems chasing left activists instead of voters is a recipe for loss

The political sage who’s all the rage at the moment, 30-year-old Democratic consultant David Shor, is making a splash, even though he’s saying unbelievably obvious things.

Things like: Democrats should talk about popular things and not talk about unpopular things to win elections. They should promise to do things people want, rather than things people don’t seem to care that much about.

The thing is, liberals are beginning to realize they need to hear these unbelievably obvious truisms. They can see the iceberg ahead of them in November 2022, and they have very little time to change course before their party turns into the Titanic and their jobs disappear like Leonardo DiCaprio’s body into the icy brine.

And when leading Democratic figures try to address the crime crisis by saying that the numbers really don’t look so bad…

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