Democrats scrambling to get ahead of crime concerns


Mayors London Breed of San Francisco and Libby Schaaf of Oakland. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Gov. Gavin Newsom. Former Gov. Jerry Brown.

That list of political progressives might typically be identified with criminal justice and police reforms. Now they have essentially become a “tough on crime” coalition.

Amid growing concerns about organized smash-and-grab retail robberies and increasing violent crime, California Democratic leaders are scrambling to crack down on criminals across the state.

Given those politicians each spoke out about going after criminals within a few days of one another, you’d have thought a memo went out. With the high profile of the robberies in the media, it’s no surprise this has become a top public safety concern. That means it also has become a top political problem, as one tends to follow the other.

The governor said a Smash and Grab…

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