Democrats putting anti-police policies ahead of public safety



When 8-year-old Jackson Sparks went to watch a Christmas parade last November, he had no reason to think he and five others would be killed that day by a runaway SUV that was allegedly driven by a violent felon that was let out of jail to further a political agenda.

Regrettably, 2022 will have more preventable tragedies because the Biden administration, the Democratic Party and the media will refuse to take the crime crisis seriously and instead continue to use it as a wedge issue to advance their political agenda.

Crime has exploded in this country thanks to the anti-police and liberal prosecutor movements — both built upon false narratives designed to increase the Democratic Party’s power. 

The anti-police movement began during the Obama administration and asserted that unarmed African American men are routinely murdered by racist police officers who were part of a racist…

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