Democrats are on the decline — could Hillary Clinton save them? – Pasadena Star News


The 2022 midterm elections are still ten months away, but Democrats already have reason to be concerned about their presidential ticket in 2024 — namely, over the fact that none of the potential candidates have the stature to win a general election, nor the experience to lead when in office.

President Joe Biden realistically will not seek a second term due to his age, and Kamala Harris is less popular than any other vice president in recent history. Even if Harris herself was slightly more viable, the Biden Administration’s unpopularity has become a millstone around Democrats’ neck, and she would inevitably be tainted by the administration’s political baggage.

Indeed, voters are turning on the Biden presidency: Republicans now lead in the 2022 generic vote for Congress; and in a hypothetical Trump-Biden rematch, 48 percent of voters say they would back Trump, compared with 45…

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