Democratic Senator Tim Kaine FINALLY gets to the Capitol 27 HOURS after starting his trip


Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine finally made it to the Capitol after miserable odyssey up I-95 amid a massive traffic jam – after subsisting on coffee, Dr. Pepper, and a bit of kindness from strangers.

The former vice presidential running mate and head of the Democratic National Committee was caught in a monster traffic jam that left thousands of motorists stranded behind an icy backup after a six-vehicle accident Monday. 

‘The only thing I ate was one orange, and the only thing liquid I had was one 16-ounce Dr. Pepper,’ he told CBS back to the Capitol building.  

His ordeal lasted 27 hours, although the senator tried not to dwell on his own situation.

Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) was stuck in a massive traffic jam on I-95 after an accident in Monday’s snow storm. It took him nearly 27 hours to make the drive from Richmond

‘Ok after 27 hours on the road from Richmond to DC, very happy to…

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