Democrat Nikki Fried, who’s running for Florida governor to unseat Ron DeSantis, says the Roe decision upends the race

  • Nikki Fried is running for the Democratic nomination for governor to face off against Ron DeSantis.
  • Florida will soon ban abortions after 15 weeks.

The Supreme Court’s decision to leave the legality of abortion up to the states will upend the midterm elections, said Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Nikki Fried.

“Voters now have the power again,” Fried said in an interview with Insider on Friday. “The power was in the Supreme Court and they neglected the will of Americans all across the country. And now it goes back into the people’s hands and making sure they are electing and voting for pro-choice candidates up and down the ballot.”

Fried is Florida’s agriculture commissioner who is running for the Democratic nomination for governor against Rep. Charlie Crist, whose district includes St. Petersburg. Crist was formerly a Republican and was the state’s governor from…

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