Democrat Matt Castelli talks about his congressional campaign in New York’s 21st district


Five Democrats are running in New York’s 21st Congressional District primary, hoping to challenge incumbent Republican Elise Stefanik in the 2022 general election. Matt Castelli is a former CIA officer and counterterrorism expert who served in the Obama and Trump administrations. In November, he embarked on a listening tour across the district and this month 11 of the 12 county Democratic committee chairs in the district endorsed him. Castelli tells WAMC’s Pat Bradley he is the only Democratic primary candidate who has visited all 12 counties in the 15,000-square mile district.

Castelli: Everywhere that I go I hear from people who can’t afford some combination of housing, childcare, health care, prescriptions, groceries, transportation. And I think it’s important to note that middle class and working families have been struggling to afford…

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