Democrat Impeachment Managers See Grim Validation in Ukraine Invasion


As early images of Russian tanks and smoldering buildings emerged from Ukraine last week, the first thought that crossed Rep. Hakeem Jeffries’ (D-N.Y.) mind concerned the safety of the Ukrainian people. His next thought was the first impeachment of former President Donald Trump. “My first reaction, in the horror of the attack, was, ‘This is why what we did was so important,’” Jeffries, one of the managers of that impeachment, recalls.

A similar recognition set in among Democrats on social media as they watched a video of Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelensky stand defiant of his Russian invaders in the streets of Kyiv. The leader, now regarded as an international hero, had been in office for less than two months when Trump had asked him to dig up dirt on Joe Biden and his family. “I sense the first impeachment sounded kinda obscure to some people,” Sen. Brian Schatz…

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