Democrat Eric Swalwell gets slapped down for trying to pin church shooting on Republicans


Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell of California was hit with a backlash of ridicule after he tried to blame Republicans for a horrific shooting at a church in California.

Police were still investigating the shooting at the Geneva Presbyterian Church in Laguna Woods on Sunday when Swalwell assumed the attacker’s motivation to be something related to the Republican party.

“Sorry @housegop that the parishioners hog-tied your boy,” tweeted Swalwell, adding a hashtag for “Sorry, not sorry,” and a link to the story documenting how parishioners hog-tied the suspect.

On Monday, police said that they believed the suspect had attacked the church out of his animosity for the Taiwanese people and called it a “politically motivated hate incident.”

They identified the assailant as David Chou, 68. Chou is an immigrant from China and lived in multiple places in the U.S. before he ended up in Las…

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