Defense spending bill includes draft requirement for women


WASHINGTON (WOODTV/NEXSTAR) — Congress is advancing a plan to draft women into the military.

The provision is part of the national defense bill the House passed with bipartisan support in September and it will likely make it in the final plan.

“Women have every ability as a man to serve … and they should be given the right,” said Rep. Steven Horsford, D-Nev. “I support it being included in the final package.”

The push is being met with some controversy, and a small group of Senate Republicans are actively opposing the draft provision.

Even though the U.S. isn’t currently using the draft — the last time the U.S. government used the draft was during the Vietnam War — the bill would require all U.S. citizens ages 18 to 26 to sign up, regardless of gender.

Among those who disagree:…

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