Dec. 31, 2021 – Monterey Herald


Water district is not a special interest group

The Water Management District is a public agency tasked with buying out Cal Am as mandated by Measure J. It is NOT a special interest group as Doreen Cursio’s letter claims.

In a Cal Am buyout, the tax revenue loss to public agencies is less than 1% — $1.26 million annually across 40 agencies. And remember, it’s the public, not Cal Am, who pays these taxes.

Gary Cursio and Mary Anne Leffel sit on the Monterey Peninsula Airport District board. Leffel is the Airport District appointee to LAFCO and one of the five LAFCO commissioners who recently voted to block the Cal Am buyout. Why? It’s not because of the eight-five cents in tax revenue that the Airport District would lose annually.

LAFCO is wasting public dollars. Cursio should be asking who will pay for the lawsuit against LAFCO to correct its arbitrary and capricious decision…

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