Debbie Lesko Deletes Tweet Claiming 1 Billion Border Apprehensions


Right-wing Congresswoman Debbie Lesko of Arizona deployed a familiar criticism of President Joe Biden, claiming he’s made the southern border more vulnerable to illegal crossings.

Lesko made the smear in a since-deleted tweet, but apparently wasn’t paying attention to the number of zeroes she included in the statistic.

The Congresswoman claimed that one billion people were apprehended at the southern border in six months—nearly three times the population of the entire United States.

The tweet linked to a Wall Street Journal article that reported more than one million apprehensions in six months, not one billion.

Lesko may have deleted the tweet, but not before fellow social media users got a hold of it.

But even beyond typos, it seems at odds with reality that Lesko and other Republican elected officials cite stratospheric border apprehensions to…

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