CUFI touts its state-level success fighting anti-Semitism ahead of leadership conference


Christians United for Israel (CUFI) is set to hold its annual summit this weekend, feeling new urgency in its mission to fight for Israel as attacks on Israel and Jewish people increase in the United States.

Sandra Hagee Parker, chair of the CUFI Action Fund, the organization’s 501(c)4, said that this year, the title of the summit’s second-day session “Never Again Is Now” is more pressing than eve for the organization.

“I think all of us had shock and awe,” she said, following the May conflict between Hamas and Israel, noting “the increase in violence targeting Jews on the streets of the United State of America. These are things that we’ve maybe only been used to seeing in the Middle East or unfortunately Europe.”

Anti-Semitic attacks like the one on outdoor Jewish diners in Beverly Hills, Calif., and in New York City, was a “tsunami,…

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