Cruising down the highway


It was the next afternoon, rainy and dreary but maybe not so much for smiling, relaxed Asa Hutchinson.

The night before, Donald Trump’s handpicked superstar running back, Herschel Walker, had lost the U.S. Senate race in Georgia to Democratic incumbent Raphael Warnock.

That made four elections in a row that Trump had lost for Republicans by being shallow, mean, ridiculous, frightful and insurrectionist.

I think we can now add tiresome, which is the worst, and the very thing this monstrous ego that ate America cannot abide.

Republicans failed to take the U.S. Senate amid Democratic blunders and inflation for the simple reason that–in the decisive battlegrounds–Trump recruited Walker to run in Georgia because he was a heroic football-carrier and Dr. Mehmet Oz to run in Pennsylvania because he was a TV doctor with ties to Oprah.

The yahoos will surely fall for that, the celebrity…

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