Critics quick to blame Glenn Youngkin for icy I-95 crisis — despite not being in office yet


When a snow squall blanketed Virginia, the District of Columbia and parts of Maryland and Delaware with several inches of snow, the busiest highway on the east coast quickly became a parking lot after black ice and heavy snow intensified a backup caused by a jackknifed big rig near Fredericksburg – about 50 miles south of Washington.

The 179-mile stretch of Interstate 95 through Virginia has been a nationally-crucial piece of infrastructure for nearly a century, “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host Tucker Carlson said Tuesday. 

As hundreds of drivers were stranded overnight in frigid conditions in their vehicles along the northern third of the highway in Virginia, many took to Twitter to lambast Republican Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin – who however does not actually take office until January 15.

One of the stranded motorists, New Jersey parent Joseph Catalano however told Fox News he reached…

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