Cozen Currents: Trump is Biden’s Best (and Worst) Case for Re-election


The Cozen Lens

  • Presidential re-election campaigns are generally a referendum on the incumbent, but for President Biden, the negative case for a second term (i.e., he’s not former President Trump) is stronger than the affirmative case.
  • Trump is the weakest he has ever been in his third run for president, but MAGA continues to be a potent element of the Republican Party.
  • The Biden administration recently released the latest version of its regulatory agenda, which will now come to the fore as the White House seeks to further its partisan agenda in the face of a divided Congress.

Biden’s Re-election Strategy

The Affirmative Case for Biden. The president has begun laying the groundwork for his re-election.

  • As the oldest president in history, President Biden has long been the target of speculation over his re-election plans. But after presiding over the best midterm election…

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