COVID Omicron New York City Update: How churches are dealing with surging COVID while celebrating Christmas

NEW YORK CITY (WABC) — Christmas Eve is a day away but the omicron surge has forced some local churches to make changes.

Some are adjusting services or moving them online to keep worshipers safe.

“Christmas mass is something that’s very important to us as Catholics, it’s part of who we are, it really is the main celebration of what Christmas is all about,” said Bishop Robert J. Brennan with the Diocese of Brooklyn.

The cornerstone of the Catholic faith, on pause since before the pandemic, will not be on hold this Christmas – COVID or not.

“My main message about COVID safety is that I thank people for their sacrifices and their willingness to be flexible,” Brennan said.

With scaled back communion and not physically exchanging the sign of peace, Catholic parishioners have been flexible when it comes to COVID safety.

The archdiocese in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Newark and Rockville Center have…

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