COVID Crackdown Crackup and other commentary


Pandemic journal: COVID-Crackdown Crackup

“Politicians and government officials have brazenly violated the COVID-19 edicts they impose on everyone else,” roars James Bovard at USA Today. “But after two years of prohibitions designed to placate fears rather than protect public health, can oppressed citizens around the globe compel their rulers to end absurd restrictions vexing their daily lives?” Witness “heavy-handed government policies” getting “pushback around the world,” from a “40-plus-mile convoy of truckers” in Canada’s capital to “massive protests” across Europe to Aussies battling police over “penal-colony-style COVID straitjackets.” Worldwide, citizens “are recognizing that temporary decrees could permanently decimate their freedom” and “government decrees won’t make a virus vanish.” It’s “time for politicians to…

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