Corporate America tears down Biden’s infrastructure plan


Top executives of companies who in the past have given speeches about the need for infrastructure spending are mostly silent, opting to complain privately that Biden’s plan is too expensive, too partisan, too laden with unrelated social policy and not at all what they had in mind. Jeff Bezos, CEO of online retailing behemoth Amazon, put out a statement on Tuesday that seemed at first glance like an endorsement of Biden’s plan.

Except it wasn’t.

Bezos, like other CEOs, nodded toward acceptance of a higher top corporate tax rate — though he actually put his name behind it. But he stopped well short of explicitly backing Biden’s infrastructure proposal and instead called for a “balanced solution” to boost U.S. competitiveness. Underneath the surface, the corporate world generally despises Biden’s plan in its current form and is fixated on its defeat.

“This plan would…

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