CONFIRMED: A National Abortion Ban is the 2024 GOP Litmus Test


As we inch closer to Republicans’ messy primary, it’s increasingly clear what will be the key litmus test in their race to see who can out-MAGA each other: A national abortion ban.

The Republican Party is united around an extreme MAGA agenda of banning abortion.

Politico“… the Supreme Court’s June ruling erasing federal abortion rights has created a new litmus test in Republican presidential politics.”

Politico: “Anti-abortion advocates are insisting on more in a post-Roe era — namely, a hard commitment to back a federal abortion ban — and they’re holding out until they get it.”

If anti-abortion extremists coming out and saying it wasn’t enough, let’s take a look at the extreme records of the MAGA Republicans across the country:

Donald Trump put the three conservative justices on the Supreme Court who overturned Roe v….

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