COLUMN: Are 43 percent of Americans fools or communists? | Opinion


I spent the majority of 2021 writing about politics and the very depressing state of our nation. And because the midterms won’t roll around until November and the Democommies will be looking to do as much damage as possible before then, I expect that the majority of the columns I write this year will end up being more of the same. So, we may as well get started.

Anyone who thinks our nation is better off today then it was under President Trump is either a fool or a communist or both. And this should scare you. According to the most recent polls, 43 percent of Americans are fools and/or communists! FORTY-THREE PERCENT! Yikes.  

I know most Fox news commentators are gloating that Biden only has a 43 percent approval rating, like this means some huge win…

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